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Holiday Accident Claims at Home or Abroad

Have you had an accident or illness at home or abroad? We can help

When you’ve had an accident on holiday, knowing where to turn next can be tricky. If the accident happened when you were abroad, is a UK claim still applicable? Or if the accident happened during a holiday in the UK, where do you start with claiming holiday accident compensation? That’s where can help.

Although each country is subject to its own laws regarding accidents and injuries, you may still be able to claim for an injury or illness if a UK company was ultimately responsible. Package holidays are a good example in the case of holiday accidents, as some tour operators will send you to a sub-standard hotel which can have a direct impact on your well-being whilst abroad. If the facilities are not sanitary or fit for purpose, there is a good chance you can claim for the accident or illness you have suffered whilst on holiday.

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Common holiday accident compensation claims also relate to infections and severe illnesses. It’s hard to predict what illnesses there may be in other countries, but food poisoning is a common problem. You may be able to claim for an illness such as food poisoning if you find the meal was served to you by the hotel provided to you by your travel company, for example.

It can be harder to claim for holiday accident compensation when you’re unsure about other governing laws in various countries, but we might be able to help ease your concerns and help you win 100% financial compensation for your suffering.

All tour operators, both home and abroad, have a number of regulations to abide by and most do this perfectly well; in fact, the standard of tour operations in recent years has increased considerably as more safety regulations have come into play. Of course, there are always eventualities that occur and some tour operators could have done more to prevent certain situations occurring, particularly when it contravenes your safety or well being. As a traveller, you have every right to put 100% trust and faith in the tour operator you have arranged your holiday with, which is why a holiday accident compensation claim may be available to you if your health and safety has been compromised.

If you’re still reeling from a holiday that’s taken a turn for the worst and you’ve had an accident on holiday either home or abroad, you may be able to claim 100% compensation. Call today for confidential and professional advice.

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